You’re a Uni-What?

Peter Bowden and the Rev. Amy Freedman explore Unitarian Universalism including common misconceptions people have about this popular liberal religion.

Created in 2007.


Voices of a Liberal Faith

This video from the Unitarian Universalist Association “tells the story of our faith through powerful imagery and inspirational testimonials. In it, you’ll see and hear Unitarian Universalist leaders and members share elements of our history, our theology, what it’s like to worship with us, how we educate our children, and more. You’ll also learn about our deep commitment to social justice and inclusiveness.”

Unitarian Universalism made easy…

In 2004 I married a Unitarian Universalist minister and moved to the town where her congregation was located. It seemed every conversation about being new in town led to talking about Unitarian Universalism.

When people were genuinely interested in learning more,  I offered the Unitarian Universalist Association’s website to check out, No one seemed to follow through and visit it.  I wondered if there was something about the name “association” in the site that turned people off.

As an experiment I launched a site with a “UU FAQ” name and web address. People not only checked it out, they told me they shared it with others.  The site had basic info on it, some answers to frequently asked questions, and links to other great websites.

Years later, it is time for an upgrade.  The site has moved to a newer design and will continually be updated over time.   Just note that it is a work in progress.

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