As you explore Unitarian Universalism it is very important not to confuse your uni’s.  People get so confused by the various religions with UNI in their name that my wife and I made a video about these misconceptions.

We are Unitarian Universalists
This site – where you are now – is a Unitarian Universalist site.   Do you have the right Uni?  Make sure you don’t confuse us with the other religions below.


Unity Church
The Unity Church association describes Unity as a positive and practical Christianity. They teach application of the principles of Truth (big ‘T’ truth according to their website) taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ as interpreted by the Unity School and the Association of Unity Churches.

Unification Church
Members of the Unification Church a.k.a. the Moonies are followers of Sun Myung Moon. We are not Moonies.

Universal Life Church
  Free online ordination. Just enter your name, address, and email and POW! you’re a ULC minister. Order the full ministry in the box kit and they’ll send you a certificate saying you are a saint too. ULC ministers can marry people in most states.


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